👭Status of Women In Nevada👭

We meet every 3rd Thursday at 5:30 pm and we won’t meet again until January 16, 2020.   If you would like to join us, please don’t hesitate to give CJ a call at (775) 241-8508.

We are a newly formed non-profit and we are a group of women coming from all walks of life, from the just-recently-turned-18 young lady and all the way up to retirement!  If you would like to participate in this event, give CJ a call at (775) 241-8508.   

If you are interested in participating, please contact CJ at (775) 241-8508.  

  • President:  CJ Gueldner
  • Vice President: Sharon Slater
  • Secretary:  CJ Gueldner
  • Treasurer:  Michelle Chandler


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