Adult Finger Painting!

Do you like to swear like a sailor?

Adult Finger Painting!

No!  It’s Not Porn painting!

Yes, it’s finger painting for Adults ages 18 and older.

Come on over for some fun!  The price to paint is $20.00 per person (+ tax if you are not a non-profit group per person) ages 18 and over.  You purchase your own food and drinks.

Bring lots of cash! 

Cuz for every curse word you say during our painting event, you have to pay cash to GET OUT OF JAIL!  100% of the proceeds from the cuss box will be donated to XYZ Charity (TO BE DETERMINED).   The more cuss words you say, the more you pay!  Most words only cost $5.00 each, but wait! There’s more! If you say certain bad words, they’ll cost you $20.00 a piece!

Honestly, finger painting is so easy to do, but we’ve come a long way!  We’ll provide you with all the materials you need to have a fun and exciting Adult Finger Painting party and we will show you some very nice, easy boards to paint!  Most importantly:  You get to tattle on your friends too!

Location to be announced soon and there will be several locations to choose from. Lastly, you never get to see what we will finger paint until the event.

To learn more about how you can earn money for YOUR non-profit, give CJ a call at (775) 400-1151.